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Personal Management Information System
Accounting Information System

People resource may well be considered as a vital asset of any company. Systemantics offers you a solution to your company's management and human resource problems. Enhance and improve your business operations with new and existing technologies that have been integrated into our Personnel Management Information System.

Human Resource Information System

This system provides you with an extensive approach to manage vital information related to your company's employees.

  • Easy access to reports related to an employee's personal, educational, professional, non-technical and extra-curricular background.
  • Manage data of short listed applicants by choosing Hiring Process Option in the main menu to facilitate the change of status from an applicant to an employee
  • Generate key reports- Employee Lists, Applicant Lists, Curriculum Vitae, Bio-data, Job History, Loan History, Birthday Celebrants.

Timekeeping System

Timekeeping System links with a time recorder (Chronolog or Timebox) to relieve you from manually recording total hours rendered by each employee for the payroll period.

  • Generate time-related reports at any point during the attendance period.
  • Allows you to specify the different holidays, work schedules , work days, work hour categories, and attendance periods as reference when generating required reports and queries.
  • The Summarize Daily Time Records utility serves as pre-requisite transaction to the Payroll System.

Payroll System

Payroll System relieves you from doing tedious tasks involved in payroll processing. This system integrates with the Timekeeping System to ensure reliability and accuracy of calculations

  • Maintains semi-static tables ( Overtime Premium Factor, SSS, Contribution Schedule) in a common database to eliminate redundant work.
  • Can generate Payroll vouchers for reference using the General Ledger System.
  • Allows you to keep track of the different loans availed by individual employees and record the payments made to each.


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